Dear Japan,

From the very first moment I met you there was a feeling of deepness and calmness in the air. 
I had the feeling that you know many more things than all the others. Knowledge, which carries much depth in itself.
Humbly mood surrounded me while traveling to your beautiful landscapes and getting in touch with your culture.
After deciding to live with you for a while, I got to know many of your diverse sights and characters.
I still do not know you very well, I still get surprised a lot, although I spend over a year with you. 
Through you I could discover the beauty of uncertainty, simplicity and modesty. Further the more I got in touch with your great phantasy which opened my mind to new spheres. 
For some reason I feel deeply connected to your sense on your silent wink.
Being with you I met a feeling of melancholy which I know from myself. I admire that feeling, because it makes me to stop from time to time. It makes me to stand still for a while, breath in and out and reconsider what I am doing. Melancholy makes me be more careful.
Japan, as you know I am a person who is worrying about some things. Sometimes I also worry about you. 
Deep inside you know what I am worrying about. But you never wanted to talk about those topics.
From my point of view it feels like you are enduring your own soreness.
Please do not shrink back from yourself. I wish that you take care of your yourself.  
Lets take the dignified way of severely honesty. 
Thank you so much. 
Yours, Fanny 

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