languages: German, English, Japanese, Body-language

For 10 years I am involved with photography and other visual forms of expressions. 
I studied photojournalism and documentary photography in Hanover and oil painting and contemporary art in Hiroshima.
After my exchange year in Japan I stared working as an assistance director at an art gallery in Hiroshima and became to be involved into various art cooperations in Japan such as the first assistant director of a Japanese short movie. 
The different way of perception I observed in Japan makes me question ordinary picturesque forms and let my phantasy expand. 

My personal projects encounter with nonverbal communication, nature estrangement and universal emotions. 

In cooperation with clients I find visual ways to communicate their message to others.
Struggling to present my work on a website surface, I ask you not to hesitate to reach out and ask if there are any requests or curiosities. 

Selected exhibtions
2019/07 Solo show „品", at Coelner Zimmer in Düsseldorf, Germany 
2018/11 Solo show „DU“ at Blend Inn in Osaka, Japan
2018/03 First assitant director at Oshira-Kagami, Japanese short movie:(
2018/01 Bachelor Exhibition at gallery GAF in Hannover, Germany
2017/12 two artist show at the former Hiroshima Bank, Japan
2017/06 group show of international students in Hannover, Germany
2016/12 curation of group show „Unbeständigkeit“ at Gallery 611 in Hiroshima, Japan
2016/05-07 solo show at Hiroshima Motomachi apartments
2016/06 group show at Hiroshima City university
2016/04 Solo show at Gallery 611 Hiroshima, Japan
2016/03-05  group exhibition at Miyajima island in  Hiroshima, Japan